New Products

We have an excellent technical capability and capacity to supply high quality bulk products, bulk fuels


  • ULP 93 & 95
  • LRP
  • Gasoline
  • Gasoil


  • 10ppm
  • 50ppm
  • 500ppm
  •  Jet A1


  • LPG
  • Gases
  • HFO
  • Paraffin


  • Industrial
  • Automotive
  • Greases
  • Specialized


  • Petrochemicals
  • Chemicals
  • Bitumen
  • Biodiesel

Our Services

  • We offer our clients a full-service offering including home-based supply, fuel monitoring, fuel stock management, tanks, depot re-fuelling and maintenance.
  • We supply all fuel related products and services including mining, industrial consumables and equipment.
  • We trade, wholesale, distribute and supply, petroleum products, diesel, aviation fuel, lubricants, new industrial oils.
  • We also assist the industrial and public sectors by managing their lubricants “Cradle to Grave” responsibility.

Recycling Services

We assist the OEM’s, industrial and public sectors by managing their products ‘Cradle to Grave” responsibility. The value-added service we provide to our clients is carbon-based waste management services with the aim to address the environmental challenges faced in the use of heavy industrial recycle-able products. We collect, refine and recycle oils from heavy industry, commercial, industrial, agricultural, municipal, aviation, mining and quarrying operations.

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We are registered with the ROSE Foundation and NORA (National Oil Recycling Agency) and comply to strict operational standards
We issue our clients with Waste Manifest and Certificates for recycled products.
We are an accredited Hazardous Waste transporter
We process and recycle used oil at our accredited Refineries nationally


We supply consumables and offer full service to the clients in industries we service

Various Strategic Products as per client requirement

Skip bins, Flow bins, Drums, Containers

Strategic Sourcing of Petrochemicals and Chemicals

Logistics Services

Environmental and public Safety is our priority


Gucor Oil’s operational standards are according to high Safety, Health, Environment and Quality principles compliant to National Regulations. We have the required valid registrations and affiliated to industry associations. Gucor Oil is part of the Global Entrepreneurship Network which fosters a global collaboration among champion entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers and funders.

Our Clients

We help our clients reduce overall costs and increase revenue through the efficient management of product supply chain and contract management.

Our Services

Our services are necessary to companies wanting to improve market share, reputation and maximize company profits.